Friday, April 23, 2010

Running and cooking

On the running front Kathleen and I have both been running well lately; she has her sights set on qualifying for Boston hopefully early next year.  My own goals are not quite as lofty: it would be great to stay healthy for a while and hopefully improve the speed a little bit, trying to get back to around 21+ minutes for a 5K.  I know that won't be easy and that I would have to lose quite a bit of weight to get there.  Will have to see about that. 

The weather has been exceptionally nice so far this spring and Kath and I have been able to increase our weekly mileage quite a bit; my last two weeks have been over 40 miles with just a couple of warning signals.  A bit of tightness in the calves possibly caused by one too many runs in the Vibrams, and a little discomfort in the left knee.  We'll take it easy next week. 

We've had a lot of fun participating in the weekly Tour de Bayou runs presented by HARRA, every Thursday in April.  So far we've completed cross-country races (about 3 to 4 miles with approximately 150 to just over 200 runners) at Spotts Park, White Oak Bayou, alongside Buffalo Bayou at Memorial & Waugh and last Thursday along the Ho Chi Minh trail in Memorial Park.  Practically all of the city's hard core racers show up so it is a tough environment to do well.  Fortunately the results are age-graded so we are both hoping for a decent showing once the results are tabulated. 
It has not been all running all the time though.   I've been doing quite a bit of cooking, baking bread again (not a good thing for the weight loss program...) and trying several new recipes.  A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at a Houston Striders chili cookoff, but alas the chili was not up to scratch.  The consistency was more like a sloppy Joe than a real chili.  As a result, there's plenty of Bert's 'non-award winning chili'  in the freezer - as soon as we've worked our way through it, I will start investigating some new recipes.

Talking of sloppy Joes, we had Snobby Joes on kaiser rolls (from Veganomicon) for dinner tonight, accompanied by a very tasty and nicely textured edamame and snow pea salad with lime-ginger dressing.


Alexandra said...

Nice to know you are both doing well with your running and that you are having fun with it too taking part in the cross country series. You will have to post the final results so we can see how well you did.

Amy said...

Those local cross country races must be neat to do - and it sounds like they are a challenge!