Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day at the local gym

I recently joined a small start-up gym just down the road from where we live on Memorial Drive in west Houston. It is very convenient - literally walking distance from the house, about 2 minutes jogging. Here are a few pics taken by MyFitness at Memorial owner Gamell Bell, during a workout on New Year's Day.

MyFitness at Memorial gym owner Gamell Bell

Ran 5 miles with Daisy, third day in a row to do 5 miles. I think the dog enjoys the running even more than I do. Always on the lookout for rabbits, squirrels and other urban wildlife such as armadillos and possums. It's a jungle out there! Kathleen did 8 miles back to back the last couple of days. We are not used to the cool conditions, but happy to take advantage of such fine running weather! Hopefully it will last through the Houston Marathon on Jan 17.

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fishmagic said...

I like those exercise balls. My weight/strength training is done at home. I don't know if I want to invest in one more piece of gear.