Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dropping some elbees

The kitchen scale was kind to me this morning, registering 163 compared with 168 just a week ago, on Dec 31 2009. Down 5 pounds in a week, baby! The causes? Eating less/smaller portions, very little to no snacking between meals, almost no junk food, practically no sugar and more exercise. In addition to the 3 X hour-long workouts with Gamell on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kathleen and I have been running every day so far in 2010. A run tonight will bring our streak to 7, but as much as I'm tempted, I won't try to maintain it. Tomorrow (Friday) will be a no run day as usual. We're not 18 or even 38 years old anymore... Last night I went out with Daisy for 5 easy miles along Buffalo Bayou. There seemed to be more rabbits out and about than usual. I wonder if they can sense the impending cold spell, which has now been talked about as much as the boy in a balloon incident. Can it just please get cold now so that we don't have to read one more story about wrapping pipes, taking in the pets etc. People with pets really don't need to be told to bring them in when it gets around 20F.

What is on the menu, you may ask? Well this week we had Red Beans and Rice on Monday, just like everybody in Louisiana. One of my all-time favorites and we make it with not a drop of oil or of course, big chunks of greasy sausage. I do compromise a bit on the rice: Red Beans and Rice is served with white rice, not brown. Even in this mostly vegan household. Another main course was Chickpea noodle soup (from Veganomicon), tasty and satisfying with a nice vegetable broth, some onions, mushrooms, fresh rosemary and thyme from the herb garden, chickpeas from the pressure cooker, soba noodles and brown rice miso. Delicious - and we didn't need anything else with it other than Kathleen's famous green salad. Veganomicon featured heavily this week. We also enjoyed marinated Curried Tofu, which I bake on a pizza stone in the oven, and serve with a little bit of chutney, fresh green beans and chunks of butternut squash steamed in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes. On today's menu: Chickpeas Romesco from Veganomicon as well. We've tried it before and the savory fire-roasted tomato sauce with roasted red peppers and ground almonds is a winner! On Friday it will be whole wheat pasta with a marinara sauce.


johnking said...

way to drop those pounds and stay commited man!

By the way, got the confirmation I will be going as a Faculty Scholar on a service trip to Botswanna. I think we are going to be around the Mashutu game reserve. I am going to be doing counseling at their school and on substance abuse (i guess its rampant) while there. Any suggestions or tips?? We will be going april 28-May 7.

Minken said... beans and rice. That is one of my most favorite foods. But I have to admit, I take mine "all the way" with big greasy sausage and heaps of melted cheese. But your method seems a little more practical if I want to shake off some of this junk in my trunk.

Good start to the year Bert!