Sunday, March 29, 2009

A baseball game at Rice University

Today, we saw Rice come out on top against Memphis with a score of 9-5, on a picture perfect day at Reckling Park. Rice took two out of three games over the weekend. Reckling Park is one of the best college baseball facilities in the nation, and its setting against the backdrop of the Houston Medical Center 'satellite downtown' is pretty spectacular too.

I struck out on the food though: no vegan hotdogs here... Peanuts was pretty much my only choice. But no sweat, as soon as we got home I started cooking up a storm, making refried pinto beans (no frying involved and a minimum of oil...), some nice fresh green beans, baked curried tofu from Veganomicon and Mexican millet also from V-con. It was quite a feast.

The view from our seats

Another view of Reckling, from the main grandstand

And one more, down the left field line

Midway through the game

Running this morning was along Buffalo Bayou, 12 miles with the first six quite slow, the last six better at about 8:30 pace. I actually ran 4 miles at 8:00 average, just to see how my heart rate would hold up. It didn't. It crept up beyond 140 to 145+, which is definitely beyond my tempo threshold. Over the next couple of weeks I will try to run close to the red-line as much as possible.

A quick word between mother and son

Rice baseball players always have a few minutes for the fans

Popular player Anthony Rendon in a relaxed mood after the game

What did you say your name was...? Brock Holt signing some autographs after the game

Two happy customers!

The final score


Nuke Runner said...

Great pictures...I just set the first one as the background on my PC at work.

Luke Gude said...

Anthony Rendon is amazing.