Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hurricane 'hangover'

I am having a tough time getting rid of the hurricane blues, if one can call it that. All this week I've struggled to get much constructive (office) work done, spending a few minutes on something, only to shift my attention to something else. Very distracted and without focus. I definitely think the entire hurricane experience has something to do with it. One thing is for sure: I never want to have to sit up again all night long, listening to and feeling such a fierce wind howl around the house. The seemingly never-ending assault just gets to be too much for anyone to take after a while.

Last weekend, when we were still without power at the house, Kathleen and I went to the local multiplex (a pretty nice new one at Memorial City Mall; doesn't have that old greasy popcorn smell yet) to check out the latest Coen Brothers movie, Burn After Reading. Reviewers were quick to rename this movie: Forget After Seeing, and I'm afraid I have to agree. Like everybody else, I admire the Coens for their many excellent films such as Fargo, Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski. Even their worst movies are better than much of the dreck which is served up as entertainment nowadays. 'Burn after reading' was worth the price of admission, but just barely. The story is ludicrous, and after a very slow start the movie never really picks up much momentum, only to end rather feebly. There are some hilarious individual scenes and sequences, and I will admit to laughing out loud at some inappropriate spots. Which goes hand in hand with most black comedies, especially of the Coen variety. However this one really comes up short in many ways. I realize that it is intentional, but I did not care to see Brad Pitt and George Clooney hamming it up like they do in this flick. Also the completely gratuitous and disturbingly violent scene towards the end of the movie is uncalled for. It would have been fine for Fargo, but not here.

Getting close to resuming running, I think. The knee is at about 80%; I am seeing a knee specialist Monday morning just to make sure that it is ok and to avoid doing anything stupid that might cause permanent damage. I've gained a few pounds due to the sudden aerobic exercise cessation - and of course the hurricane-induced 'frustation munchies' haven't helped. So it is time, once again, to swear off the candy and other junk and to concentrate on all good food, all the time...

Talking of food, Kathleen and I slipped off to my favorite restaurant - Field of Greens - last night. I am addicted to their vegan BBQ sandwich! The restaurant was just chosen as the Best Vegetarian friendly Houston restaurant, in the annual Houston Press 'Best of Houston' survey. Too bad because we like the place just the way it is, with no lines, never a wait. Last night we could not find a spot in the parking lot. Hopefully it won't get too famous. I doubt it. In Houston most people eat meat and fish and chicken and stuff like that. Very little of which is to be found at Field of Greens. There's a tuna sandwich and a couple of salmon items, if you absolutely have to have something that once moved around on its own...

Oh yes I did get myself a nice new little digital camera, but haven't had time to read the instruction booklet yet. Maybe by tomorrow I will be able to post a few pics!


cope said...

Hey Bert,

Glad that everything seems to be getting back to "normal" although that's a very relative word. Maybe the injury has let you enjoy some normalcy and concentrate on some other needed things after the hurricane?


johnking said...

80 is close to 100....atta boy Bert!! those off-training lbs go away fast man!