Sunday, September 28, 2008

The dog that needs a health plan

This is Daisy, our young female Boxer. In her less than 2 years of life, Daisy has had more medical bills than I've had (since we got her) and I'm 56... Just this week it was another $180 for two brief visits to the vet, after she suddenly developed hives all over her body. What a pathetic sight, poor baby. She looked so miserable, complete with eyes so swollen she could barely see out of them. A cortisone shot, some anti-histamine pills, a follow-up visit with more shots and the $180 later, and she's apparently as good as new... The allergic reaction could have been caused by an insect bite, we'll never know. What I do know is that we had better not let this dog get away, she is close to being our fourth biggest investment after the house and the two cars.

I am running again for the first time in more than 2 weeks since my stupid non-running knee accident. On Monday morning, local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jack Jensen of Athletic Orthopedic/Knee Center looked at my x-rays, manipulated my left knee this way and that, asked a few questions, had me do a squat and then said that I am ready to hit the road. Great. I have to do some more stretching for the ilio-tibial bands. No sweat doc, will do.

Four easy miles later, having run with one ear and a thousand nerve endings on the alert for any sudden pops, creaks or painful jolts, I came back to the house sweaty and happy. The dogs got a treat, for once Kathleen got a sympathetic ear for her office travails, and I immediately starting thinking about a long run on Saturday morning. And of course it is always a pleasure running in new shoes!

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