Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running update

My ‘wake-up weight’ was down to 157 lb. this morning, which is the lowest in many years. The diet modifications seem to be working. Should be interesting to see how this affects (improves, I hope!) my running when it gets to 155 lb and below.

This past week has been a good one on the roads. The week’s total was 42 miles (which makes it the 5th consecutive 40+ mile week) and it included a very tough 10-miler on Saturday morning, in very hot and humid conditions, at an average pace of 8:40. Then we tacked on 2 more slow miles, by the end of which I was feeling slightly dizzy. I ended up losing about 5 lb. in water weight that morning despite regular fluid intake. Be careful out there in the heat!

Best news of the week is that my wife is in the process of making a running come-back, after an extended lay-off. She is excited about the prospect of running the Houston Chevron Half Marathon with me in January next year. We registered her just days before the marathon filled up, months in advance. Used to be that one could sign up for the Houston Marathon at the running expo, the day before. Many local runners waited until the last couple of days or so, to see how weather conditions were developing. Those days are over. Which is great for the marathon organizers but not so great for the runners. I know of many runners who have been hampered by congestion at the start. Unless one starts way up front, the crowd really does not thin out until about mile 7. Next year’s run will be more of the same, with the field larger than ever.


Fishmagic said...

Congratulations on that 40 plus streak.

Glad to hear your wife is getting back into running. My wife is just getting into running and we/she hopes to run her first 5K in about two weeks.

UltraBrit said...

Hey Bert!

You must be thrilled that your wife is getting back into running. I'm working on getting my boyfriend into it too. I don't ever expect him to be a maniac, like me, but a few 5ks each year would be great.
Keep up the good work with the diet and the training. I'm hoping to knock off a few pounds and find my abs also. ;o)

Go Annie said...

Great job with your weight-loss, 40+ weekly mileage and having your wife run with you again! It doesn't get much better than that...