Monday, April 9, 2012

600 miles for the year to date

Probably the earliest in the year - ever - that I have reached the 600 mile mark.  This works out at an average of 6 miles for every day of the year to date.  In reality it means quite a few days of around 8 miles per day and several longer runs as well.  The high mileage is starting to pay off with faster times - it has been a while since I was able to maintain a pace of under 7:30 for a 5k+ race.

Looking forward to average pace dropping more with increased weight loss.  New age group is looming - just more than a month away - and I definitely want to be close to sub-7 minute pace by the time the 4th of July race - we always do the Run Wild race at Uptown Park - rolls around. 

Injury update:  the plantar fasciitis is not as bothersome as previously - with regular icing and stretching it is manageable and it hasn't gotten any worse.  I am now using Superfeet inserts in my running shoes; hopefully that will slowly resolve the issue.  It didn't happen overnight, so it will probably take a while to heal.  

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melissa caron said...

That's a lot of miles!