Saturday, October 2, 2010

Balsamic glazed tofu

Lately, I have been trying several new tofu recipes.  A particularly good one was a sweet and sour tofu with a really delicious sauce with ketchup, tamari, rice vinegar, white and brown sugar, some ginger and garlic.  The tofu pieces were dipped in an 'egg' sauce (with egg replacer, water and tamari) and then rolled in cornstarch before frying.  We rarely - hardly ever - fry anything and that is not likely to change.  It was rather tedious to fry the tofu but the end result was superb.  Every bit as good as any of the many sweet and sour pork dishes which I have made over the years.  We'll try it again in 6 months time.

Today's recipe - which I found at  The Vegan Foodie - is Balsamic Glazed Tofu.  As is the case with other marinated tofu recipes - I keep finding new ones every week - the secret is to leave the tofu in the marinade long enough.  Twenty or thirty minutes really won't do it.  I find that a good overnight soak is required to impart more flavor and color to the tofu.  I added a bunch of fresh herbs to the marinade:  several heaping tablespoons of chopped thyme, rosemary, marjoram and oregano.  Fresh herbs are not  nearly as assertive as their dried counterparts so don't be shy.  I also added some fresh chives. 

Grilling the tofu on my handy electric grill pan was a cinch.  No coals and ash to deal with, thank you very much.  Just a bit of sizzle and smoke, some nice grill marks and voila! Served with butternut squash (10 minutes in the pressure cooker) and some edamame and corn salad it made for a delicious and very enjoyable Saturday lunch.

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