Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer doldrums

Both my blogging and running are mired in the summer doldrums.  Possible also partly because I have been very busy at work which is a good thing in this economy!  I'm managing to eke out 3 or 4 miles every second day (at best);  this pesky left knee is just not getting back to 100%.  Maybe I will have to live with 80% for a few weeks more - it took many weeks to run it into a problem, it will probably take as many to get out of it.

Kathleen, on the other hand, is doing a sterling job preparing for the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon on 10 Oct.  She managed her first (ever!) 50 mile last week, capped off with a 19 miler on Saturday morning and then another 10 miles on Sunday.  I tagged along for 4 of the 10 on Sunday at Terry Hershey Park.  On Saturday morning I was out there too with some Gatorade, cold towels, freshly cut orange slices, a few Fig Newtons and some pretzels.  It felt good to be on the giving as opposed to be on the receiving end, for once.  I'm not a big 'sagger' as I am usually running myself.  So Kathleen, don't get too used to the idea of yours truly hanging out there with a bucket full of cold water... :-)  Enjoy it while it lasts.

Last weekend the townhouse smelled like a barbecue joint as I tried three different vegan barbecue recipes, from the internet (where else) and from 1000 Vegan Recipes.  The Barbecue tempeh sandwiches turned out ok - more like a BBQ sloppy joe than anything else, but certainly ok.  Another version of BBQ Tempeh (from 1000 Vegan Recipes) was likewise pretty tasty - even though I used a different barbecue sauce from Veganomicon.  And then finally I think we hit the jackpot with Eddie G's BBQ 'Beef' Sandwiches.  Very spicy just like the real (Texas) thing!  Now if only I could find a recipe for Field of Green's BBQ sandwich - killer. 

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Amy said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the doldrums - they are hanging around at my house this week too!