Friday, July 2, 2010

A bump in the road

Or more correctly on the side of the knee.  Despite regular strengthening and stretching exercises, the pain and discomfort in my left knee (suspected tendinitis, hopefully not a tear in the meniscus) has not gone away.  In fact it has gotten worse, to the point where I have not run a step since Monday. I went to see Jack Jensen MD but apparently the X-ray doesn't show anything; I'm scheduled for an MRI next Tuesday.  Will see how that turns out. For the short term I am much more inclined to take a cortisone shot than to resort to anything more invasive.  Especially anything to do with the meniscus.

Kathleen is also hurting, tight calf muscles being the issue. So we are both struggling a bit.  I have been a runner long enough (40 years!) to know that most injuries come and go.  This is my first 'real' go-around with a knee injury though, somewhat concerned about that.  Isn't running fun!

Happy 4th of July!  It will be my first one as a citizen of the USA! 


Junie B said...

ACK! stoooopid injuries!!!

Alexander said...

Good luck to you in your recovery! I am just beginning to start running again myself; your posts have been inspiring.

Amy said...

That's really a shame about your knee - I hope it improves soon. Congratulations on your first 4th as a US citizen - I bet you enjoyed it with one of your yummy vegan meals!