Sunday, July 19, 2009

Houston, we have a sellout

All 20,000 or so regular entries to the 2010 Houston Marathon and Half Marathon sold out in a matter of days last week; Kathleen and I snagged a full and half marathon entry, respectively. She's hoping to qualify for Boston with a 4:05 and I will likely try to improve on my 1:39 half marathon PR. Right now, we're still focusing on 5K's, and will probably not start training for the marathon until we get back from Africa on the 23rd of August. It's too hot to even contemplate a really long run, anyway.

I seem to be stuck in a rut distance-wise; ended up with 28 miles total for last week, again, for the 3rd week in a row. The week was pretty typical:

Monday: Easy 5 miles in Terry Hershey Park (HR around 130) with 5 short hill repeats.
Tuesday: 'Hilly Tuesday' at Spotts Park with various short hill repeats, some plyometrics and running uphill, backward. With the Houston Striders.
Wednesday: Ho-Chi-Minh Trails at Memorial Park. Houston Striders.
Thursday: Track workout at Reagan High. 400-300-200-100-200-100-200-300-400M with about 200M recovery. Also with the Striders.
Friday: REST
Saturday: Race Lunar Rendezvous 5K
Sunday: Easy 8 miles (HR @ 130 or so) along Buffalo Bayou

As for the Lunar Rendezvous 5K at Johnson Space Center, we enjoyed it just as much as last year, despite the heat and humidity. It is a well-organized race with a flat, fast course. With less than 600 runners, we never felt crowded and there was plenty of elbow room even at the start. My time (21:51) was actually a bit slower than last year (heat!) but I still came in 3rd in my AG as did Kathleen with a 25:11. So once again (like the US Vets run in May) we both came away with hardware. Always fun and this year's engraved mug will likely see more use than last year's athletic travel bag.


Billy Burger said...

Wow - that was fast!

I really loved the whole Houston experience (especially the food!) and a bit bummed that I won't be participating again.

Good luck with your training Bert - hope your gal gets her BQ!

Alexandra said...

You have been doing well at the 5km races! I find the 5km races remind me it can truly be all about fun. I look forward to following you as you train for the Houston Half!

Fishmagic said...

Congrats on the hardware!

I wouldn't consider 28 miles a week a rut. I'm lucky if I run 15 a week. Of course, I bike and swim also. The thing I like most about not training for a marathon is not having to run so much. Two good session a week and I can hold my own in a 5K.

johnking said...

have you had to add on the the house to create a trophy room!?!?! congrats!