Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going to the dentist

I spent almost two hours in the dentist’s chair yesterday morning. I did not start to feel even semi-ok until 1:00pm. What an ordeal! Prep with nasty minty gel, more than just one injection, rooting around in my mouth, grinding here grinding there, drill drill drill, slimy pasty stuff, bite down on this, then that, one more time please and some more bitter stuff, thank you $770.00. In fairness to the dentist, this was for two complete crowns in progress.

Is it any wonder that people have a phobia about going to the dentist? I guess some people just don’t go, maybe I should give that a try. Alas my teeth and the rest of my body do not seem to be on good terms. I’ve had way too many root canals, definitely more than is healthy for any individual. My dental x-rays are scary, it looks the Mississippi Delta in there with all the little canals spreading out beneath practically every second tooth. And one more imminent.

On to more pleasant news. I am down 3.3 lbs this week. Some of it no doubt water weight as I have been sweating it out the last couple of days with the Striders, with first a hill workout Tuesday night and then yesterday running about 5 miles on the infamous (up and down like crazy!) Ho Chi Minh trails at Memorial Park here in Houston. All in temperatures well into the 80's. But I'll take it - haven't weighed in at 155 since probably college days, 35 years ago...

I am waiting for my long-lost abs to make an appearance, I know they are lurking there at around 150 lbs... Last seen in public when I was (briefly) running track in high school in 1970, they are understandably a bit shy to see the light of day.

I purchased an Accu-Measure body fat caliper the other day. Tried it out a couple of times today and my body fat percentage appears to be about 22%. Looks like there is quite a bit of room for improvement!


Fishmagic said...

Be true to your teeth, and they will never be false to you.

Minken said...

I agree, the dentist sucks. Even when I do not have cavities, my teeth start rotting from the inside out (internal absorption). $4000 bucks and many nightmares later I have a brand new tooth screwed into my jaw. So I have to disagree with Fish, sometimes you just can't win!

I feel your pain!

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