Sunday, April 12, 2009

The thrills of soccer

Kathleen and I had some great seats at a Saturday night soccer match between the Houston Dynamo and New York Red Bulls at Robertson Stadium, on the grounds of the University of Houston. Fun and entertaining yes; exciting - not really. Few really good shots at the goal on either side, and too many mistakes. After 90 minutes of pretty intense but futile back and forth attacks, defense and counter-attacks, the game ended with a rather tame 0-0 scoreless tie. The 19,000 or so spectators had a nice time nonetheless: there was plenty of beer, some Dynamo Girls action during the halftime break, and incessant drum-playing, chanting, cheering and booing, particularly from the eastern 'end zone' grandstand. I would definitely like to return some time again soon.

Some orange-clad Houston Dynamo fans - and our view of the field

This area of the stadium - the east 'end zone' is known for being particularly boisterous and noisy, with incessant drum-beating, cheers, chants and boos ringing out. A large contingent of these ultra-partisan fans show up in a big group, marching into the stadium like a conquering army.

Earlier on Saturday, we ran a 5K at Rice University. The official results aren't up yet, but I ran pretty close to 21:17 which was a nice confidence booster for Boston. Unfortunately a 5K time isn't a great predictor for a marathon time; if it were I'd be finishing under 3:30 - which is not going to happen. This morning's 10-miler with Steve and Allison proved that. Admittedly it was extremely humid and warm, but I was really laboring towards the end. Hopefully this week's much reduced running and moratorium on strenuous cross-training (surely a little lifting can't hurt?) will help to rejuvenate my tired legs. I am very relieved to have my last long run under the belt, the end is in sight!

Kathleen and I with Sammy at the Flying Owl 5K race on Saturday


Billy Burger said...

Wow Bert - that's a smoking fast 5K time! Age-graded, it would def put you up higher too.

Great running my more week til Beantown!

Fishmagic said...

Hey, Bert, we're becoming a soccer family now that my son has taken an interest in the game. Actually, he has taken a huge interest in the game.

Nice 5K time; good luck next Monday.

Minken said...

That is a nice tuneup for Boston indeed!

Dyna, Dyna, Dyna, Dyn-a-mo!
Dyna, Dyna, Dyna, Dyn-a-mo!
Dyn - a - moooooo!

I sure miss my Dynamo season tickets! Great fun indeed!

elf said...

Sounds like a great run, Bert--way to go!

We haven't been out to Robertson yet this year, but we will be soon. We try to go to 5-6 games a year at least.


johnking said...

I know about as much about soccer as I do about women, not much!

You've done it Bert, see ya in Boston!

Lily on the Road said...

All the guys I work with are into soccer, my boss was a pro from Scotland...when they start talking the talk, my eyes glaze over...

Alexandra said...

Sounds like a fun soccer match to be at! Sometimes the hockey games here can get like that!

I hope you have a great experience at Boston! I'll be checking back here to read your report!

Best Wishes!

Mike Savicki said...

Bert -

Good luck in Boston. My sister (who works at Rice) forwarded me your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. I'll be racing, too...W27 in the wheelchair division. This will be my 17th Boston. Never gets old. Here's my info --- (blog there, too).

Have a fast and fun run.