Friday, January 23, 2009

Boston or bust

My running plate is still empty but hopefully that will change soon. After another rehab session this afternoon, I should be able to handle a few miles tomorrow without fear of causing any further damage to the knee. I found a company located just a few miles from here who makes custom orthotics. They take an impression of both feet, prepare a mold & then manufacture a set of layered inserts. The guy tells me that these are much better than any off-the-shelf insert. We shall see. Unfortunately I won't get them until next Wednesday. Hopefully the inserts will give additional support with better cushioning. It is costing me a few bucks but when it comes down to a choice of running or not running, you just have to close your eyes and sign the credit card slip.

I have minimal discomfort in the knee today and I would say I am about 90% ready to run again. A week or so with no running is not fun under any circumstances, but coming as this has right at the start of what should be a very heavy training period for Boston, it is tough to deal with. Already, I am seeing my chances to do really well in Boston, slip away. But there is no 2nd chance on the medical waiver: either I run in April this year or I have to re-qualify...

Kathleen and I attended a formal dinner last night - In Rice's Honor - at the River Oaks country club. Kathleen looked quite stunning I thought! The tuxedo is a hand-me-down from my brother-in-law; it sure beats shelling out a C-note or more to some formalwear outfit. We don't get to do this kind of thing a lot.


Burger said...

Yes, she looks quite fetching. You lucky dog you ;)

Just got my orthotics from my foot doc today! They'll take some getting used to and he told me not to use them for running yet.

Cost me a pretty penny too. Hope they make a significant difference.

johnking said...

Wow, I mean the tux makes you look dapper, but that foxy lady on your arm really does something for you. Goodluck with the orthotics. Boston is about crossing the finish line man, you'll be there, we will be clinking glasses.