Monday, November 3, 2008

Making plans for Boston

I'm a couple of steps closer to running the 113th Boston Marathon in April next year. Over the weekend I completed and mailed my registration form. Fortunately no angst about being accepted or not... It is a pre-approved application, a one-time medical deferral as a result of having to withdraw from the 2008 race due to injury. Last week, I also made arrangements for accommodation for the weekend. Kathleen and I will be staying at La Capella Suites, a bed & breakfast in the North End, Boston's Little Italy. The locals tell me that the neighborhood is packed with restaurants, virtually all of them Italian, and the locals maintain their deeply-rooted ties to Italian culture. Although not cheap, the b & b rate is about half as much as a decent hotel room in the Back Bay area of Boston. Let's call it my concession to the tough financial times we're going through.

La Cappella Suites started off as a one-story chapel built in 1941 and is now a five-floor home and tiny inn. The Muse family live in the first three floors of the house, with the guest suites on floors four and five. Apparently, La Cappella is just steps from the Freedom Trail and its many historic sites, including Faneuil Hall, the Paul Revere House, and Old North Church. Sounds like we will have plenty to occupy us on Saturday and Sunday in addition to visiting the Expo of course. And maybe taking in a Red Sox game!

All that remains to be done is to book flights.

Easy 7 miles this morning, 1 mile warming up with the dogs (they each get a turn down to the pool and back) and then 6 miles along the bayou at a steady 9:15 or so pace. Average HR for the run was 130. I had planned to do an extra mile of short hill repeats, but thought better of it. My left calf is still very tight, probably a result of using the racing flats for the entire half marathon recently. I don't want to take chances now with San Antonio coming up in 2 weeks.


Fishmagic said...

Congratulations as you draw nearer to your goal!

When my wife and I went this past spring, we too stayed in a B&B, but in Cambridge.

I'll take a B&B over a hotel any day.

johnking said...

I ate in Little Italy before the race last year, nice neighborhood and lots of italian joints. Make sure and make reservations though because a majority of them were booked. I'm the opposite, I have my flight but haven't gotten a hotel yet. Stay healthy!

Bill G said...

I was in Cambridge last year but booked the Marriott Copley thru MT and got an excellent rate.

Congrats Bert see you in Boston

She Who Makes Waves said...

I find planning and anticipation to be so much fun!

Bert said...

Wave Maker,

Yes I agree - by the way I am having a problem leaving a comment on your blog...?

Lily on the Road said...

Hi Bert,

Found you on Amy's blog!

Sounds as though you are going to have a great race in April!

Is San Antonio a Half Marathon?? Hope your calf works its self out...good luck with your run.

Go Annie said...

Yay!! I stayed at a hotel in the north end. It was actually right around the corner from Boston Beer Works where we had our RW FE. Yep, I planned that ;)

I ate at a small mom and pop Italian restaurant there. Great food and great place.