Monday, February 3, 2014

Better late than never on New Year's resolutions

For a person who does not take medication of any kind, a recent issue with swallowing was a sobering reminder that nobody is immune to health issues.  Turns out – after an upper GI tract endoscopy – that I am suffering from esophagitis.  It came as a surprise as I have never had issues with heartburn, at all.  The prognosis for healing is good though – my list of prescription medications is now up to one: Nexium.  ‘Come back and see me in 6 month’s time’, were the specialist’s parting words.  We shall see how that turns out. Might have to lay off the gin martinis. 

In the interim, I am determined to lose some weight – which I think is a contributing factor to the upper GI issues.  Being able to run again is a boon, as a lack of consistent exercise is what caused me to gain the extra 20 pounds in the first instance. Well that and eating some candy, occasional junk food, having a few beers & wines etc...  :-)

Making a running comeback at 60+ is no fun.  I just logged 20+ miles in a week for the first time in nearly two years.   Which is great except that every meter is a fight against gravity and inertia.  Oh for the days when I could roll out of bed and knock off 10 ‘easy’ miles before breakfast…  Or way, way back when my friend Sam Ras and  I  started running by racing a 3-mile course every morning for nearly a month, day after day, without a break. Through shin splints, tendonitis, painful quads & hamstrings – we couldn’t care less, we just wanted to run fast.   Right now someone could beat me with a stick and I still couldn’t run fast enough to develop shin splints. 

Signed up for another DietBet starting on Feb 9 and also for the 'Power in Motion' running program (10 weeks with Houston Area Road Runners Association) starting on Feb.  Have to get and stay motivated!!


Our newest addition to the family:  Bi Bi - the brindle with Lewis, our surviving older Boxer.  His half brother Lewis recently died, RIP sweet dog.

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